Holiday Celebrations

*Joanne LaBeouf also provided information for the post.

Not only does the Women’s Club host their own functions, there are many different social groups that members belong to – can you spot several of the members that belong to all of the groups?!  During December, several of the groups celebrate the holidays by dressing up in festive attire and enjoying each other’s company.  To find out more about the social groups that are available, please check out our web page at

Among Friends Book Club, one of three book clubs in Magnolia Point, has been together for many years.  The group held their annual Christmas dinner at Santioni’s on December 10.  Like many of the groups, each member picks a month to host and choose the book selection for that month.  The members like to reminisce about the books read throughout the years, kept track of by our leader Jeanne Gorman.

The Dicey Dolls Bunco group, along with their subs, celebrated Christmas at Joanne LaBeouf’s home, a holiday experience unto itself. The ladies shared some fun traditional Christmas stories which led to lots of laughs. The rest of the evening was topped by food, drink, and fun as they enjoyed each other without dice. Nancy C. was our “caterer extraordinaire” and the food was so good! We each share our home for the games throughout the year, so here’s to even more fun rolling the die in 2024!

The Bunco Babes also celebrated Christmas with dinner at The Hilltop Restaurant.  The ladies arrived by Uber, provided by Cheryle Newman. Eloise Burman and Glenda Harden made arrangements for a private room setting, making it easy to show our joy of exchanging ornaments (and surprising Thresa Oliverio with THE special “unmentionable” gift that is passed on each year).