Bunco Babes

Bunco Babes enjoyed another fun evening in the Clubhouse Parlor, with several substitutes joining the group.  Summer travels always affect the regular membership of any group but there are always willing ladies ready to step in! Congratulations to Pat Jolly for the most wins, Marsha Zupan had the Buncos, and Kit Seiferd had the most

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Did you know?

    By Joanne LaBeouf Marian Zanetti is part of a Women’s Club group that has been meeting, doing various kinds of stitchery and just chatting among like minded friends.  Today I got to see some of Marian’s needlepoint and cross stitch pieces.  One piece was especially notable, a cross stitch of a young girl

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Mahjong Pros

    For those of you not familiar with Mahjong, Lori Miller is the Women’s Club member who has been promoting the game within our Club.   Some games take place in the Clubhouse Parlor and some in an individual member’s home.  Lori Miller has been training and organizing Mahjong for quite some time.  Slowly but

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Learning Mahjong

By Joanne LaBeouf Today, Marian Zanetti and I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Mahjong learning session for Alice Lodge and Jean Costa who are working on mastering the game.  Learning Mahjong is a commitment to practicing as much as possible.  Memorizing the Mahjong Charleston (not a dance I assure you) and recognizing

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Reparation Earth Tour

On Thursday, May 23, 2024, the Red Hot Hatties enjoyed a tour of Reparation Earth, an aquaponics farm located south of Green Cove Springs.  The farm is totally dirt-free and grows vegetable crops and fish together in a re-circulating system using a self-contained aquaponics process.   All of the vegetables grown are free from GMO’s, pesticides,

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Welcome Back, Dear Friend!

Contributed by Joanne LaBeouf   Last night, many Women’s Club members gathered at the Pub to say “hello” to Susan Mitchell, who is in the area for a short visit, taking a break from her full-time RVing adventures. Susan has been a long-time Women’s Club member who served as our treasurer and mentor for so

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Among Friends

One of the oldest book club groups in Magnolia Point is “Among Friends”, with Jeanne Gorman organizing the group.   This club has had as many as 20 members at times but now call 11 members “friends”.   One unique feature of this group is that the monthly hostess chooses the book that will be

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Maggie’s Beekeepers

In the fall of 2023, Suzanne Foster, Schools Director, Linda Thill and Pam Young, CEB Liaisons, met with guidance counselors from Charles E. Bennett Elementary (CEB) to discuss ways to reach students and their families in need of assistance since Maggie’s Meals was discontinued in May of 2023.   Both the Women’s Club and staff at

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