Hand, Knee & Foot

Hand, Knee and Foot card game members meet on the first Wednesday and the third Tuesday of each month in the Parlor downstairs in the Clubhouse.  A sign-up email from the Women's Club is sent to all members approximately one week before play. Interested members respond to the hostess of the month.

  • Play begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. Please arrive no later than 9:45 a.m.
  • The cost to play is $2.00.
  • Extra shufflers are always needed.
  • Please be sure to find your own sub if some reason you are unable to play.

Lunch is not optional and each player will order off the menu at menu prices, either to go or eat in.
Please contact Susan Mitchell,

Hostesses - 1st Wednesday of the Month

Jan. 4 - Alice Lodge & Thresa Oliverio

Feb. 1 - Barbara Phelps & Susan Mitchell

Mar. 1 - Anne Bastress & Linda Thill

Apr. 5 - Shirley Orvosh & Lori Miller

May 3 - Sharon Sprott & Susan Mitchell

Jun. 7 - Suzanne Foster & Kim Schlosser

July 5 - Need Hostess

Aug. 2 - Lorna Broughton & Patricia Nisley

Sep. 6 - Glenda Harden

Oct. 4 - Kim Belcher & Susan Hanline

Nov. 1 - Barbara Phelps & Denise Beauchamp

Dec. 6 - Sharon Murphy & Barbara Phelps

Jan. 3, 2024 - Patricia Nisley & Susan Hanline

Hostesses - 3rd Tuesday of the Month

Jan -

Feb. 21 - Susan Mitchell & Kim Schlosser

Mar. 21 - Barbara Phelps & Lorna Broughton

Apr. 18 - Linda Thill & Pam Young

May 23 - Shirley Orvosh & Linda Thill

Jun. 20 - Pam Young & Kim Schlosser

July 25 - Joanne LaBeouf & Jackie Manvel

Aug. 22 - Need Hostess

Sep. 19 - Suzanne Foster & Shirley Orvosh

Oct. 24 - Need Hostess

Nov. 21 - Need Hostess

Dec. 19 - Need Hostess

Jan. 23, 2024 - Need Hostess


Helping Hands - Member Outreach

Helping Hands is available if you, as an MPWC member or your family member residing with you, are experiencing some kind of emergency such as hospitalization, incapacitation due to surgery, or grief. Upon contact by the member needing assistance, Helping Hands can provide a few meals or other services, i.e., pick up medications at the drugstore if you are not able to drive. The volunteers that staff Helping Hands provide these meals and services out of the goodness of their hearts and with their own funds.

Please contact Barbara Adams


Book Club: Interested in starting a new Book Club group, contact Marlene Jacobs,

Bunco: Interested in starting a new Bunco group or being a sub, contact Marlene Jacobs,

Mahjong: Interested in learning Mahjong, contact Lori Miller,

Ladies of Magnolia: Interested in joining the Ladies of Magnolia? The group provides an outlet for those who have experienced the loss of a spouse and hope to learn a new way to cope and understand. For further information, contact Mary Austin,, or Kathy Minton, 904-316-3454.

Quilting: Interested in being part of a quilt group, contact Kathy Minton, 904-316-3454.

Needle Crafts: Interested in getting together with others who work with needle art? Do you knit, sew, crochet, crewel, embroider or cross stitch and want to share your time with like-minded people? Contact Lorna Broughton,


  • Duplicate bridge: The group plays on alternate Thursdays in the Club dining room, 3p.m. to 6p.m. Contact Jon Bastress,
  • Social Bridge: The group plays on alternate Thursdays in the Club dining room, 3p.m. to 6p.m. Contact Rannel Westberry,

Ladies Golf: Interested in Ladies Golf, contact the Golf Pro Shop at the Clubhouse, 269-9276, Ext. 1.

Tennis/Pickle Ball: Interested in Tennis or Pickle Ball, contact 269-9276, Ext. 8.