Bunco Babes Still Rolling The Dice!

Last night, author Joanne had a chance to sub for the Bunco Babes.  She decided to use the occasion to find out a little more about this fun Bunco group that has been around for a while.   As the story goes, the Babes are the original Bunco group started by Glenda Harden about 24 years ago.  A few of the originals, besides Glenda, are Marsha Zupan, Susie Snow, Carol L’Hote, Marlene Jacobs and Shirley Orvosh.

In the beginning, the players rotated hosting their games at individual homes.  Over time, however, hosting got to be too much as the number of players increased.  About 4 years ago, the Babes switched to playing on Thursday nights at the Parlor where they continue rolling the dice for a night of fun and friendship.

Linda Werring got to wear the Bunco crown for most buncos.  Pat Jolly, who beat the author out for loser (thank goodness), looked lovely in the pink shrimp necklace.  The big winner for the night was Eloise Burman!  Thanks for the invite!