Among Friends

One of the oldest book club groups in Magnolia Point is “Among Friends”, with Jeanne Gorman organizing the group.   This club has had as many as 20 members at times but now call 11 members “friends”.   One unique feature of this group is that the monthly hostess chooses the book that will be read when she hosts.  All members enjoy selecting books in this manner, since it allows members to step outside their preferred reading genre.

Jean Methe was May’s hostess and she chose the book “By Her Own Design”, a historical novel based on the life of clothing designer Anne Lowe (author Piper Huguley).   Lowe was a designer/dressmaker who made dresses for society’s elite and also designed and made Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress when she married John Kennedy, former President.  Jean had pictures of Ms. Lowe and some of the famous people she made dresses for, including Mrs. Kennedy’s wedding dress.

The group has lively discussions on the monthly book.  Of course, there have been a few duds over the years and we all like to laugh about those.