“Light Up Magnolia” Preparations

In anticipation of the 23rd “Light Up Magnolia” luminaria event on December 9, many dedicated Women’s Club volunteers met at Chair Sarah McWhorter’s house to pack hundreds of kits on October 23. Boxes of candles, cups, white bags and baggies galore filled every nook and cranny of Sarah’s home!  While binging on Netflix, Sarah did a lot of preliminary work with bags and cups that made the process so much easier than in the past.  Members worked in groups, each with a specific task.  The groups functioned as an assembly line packing kit contents. Sarah had chocolates on our tables so we could keep our energy level up.  Someone brought up the “I Love Lucy Show” episode with Lucy and Ethel eating chocolates while packing chocolates on the assembly line – a spot-on comparison.  Lots of fun and laughs! Lots of packed kits ready for block captains!

Luminaria sales is the next phase as block captains prepare to sell kits to all Magnolia Point residents beginning on November 10th. Residents, be on the lookout for your block captain to deliver more information about the event and how to order luminaria kits.

Sponsored by the Magnolia Point Women’s Club, this event remains one of the most special events for our community. All proceeds support scholarships for Clay High senior girls.