April Meeting Speaker

Bob H. Lee was our guest speaker at the Women’s Club April 12 meeting.   Mr. Lee, a retired Florida Game Warden and now author, has over 30 years of backcountry patrol experience in Florida.  He spoke about his many interesting encounters while a game warden, including one of the biggest environmental busts in Florida history. His fascinating books, “Backcountry Lawman” and “Bad Guys, Bullets, and Boat Chases”, reveal the danger and humor in the unsung exploits of  game wardens.  Mr. Lee entertained the members about the excitement, danger and disasters that game wardens face as they deal with deer and fish poachers, the illegal pet trade, rogue alligators and missing people.   Thanks to member Lorna Broughton for arranging his visit.  Mr. Lee was also accompanied by his wife.