Annual Luminary Night
The Tradition Continues in 2021

Luminary Night is traditionally held the second Saturday in December. Once a date has been confirmed, information is provided through blast emails, the Magnolia Point Living Newsletter and the Women's Club Pointing the Way Newsletter.

The Annual Luminary Night began in 2001 as a fundraiser to support the many local charities supported by the Women's Club. Beginning with the 2014 event, all proceeds from the luminary sale are used to provide scholarships to young women graduating from Clay High School. This annual event has grown each year and now serves as one of the largest fundraisers for the Women's Club. Not only does the event raise money for our scholarships, it also signals the kickoff to the holiday season as neighbors get together throughout the community.  

In November volunteer Block Captains visit residents door-to-door to take orders for the luminary kits. Once the orders are received, volunteers assemble the kits and deliver them to homeowners the week prior to Luminary Night. On that night, homeowners place the luminaries approximately 3 feet apart in the front of their homes and light them between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m.
Kits are $5.00 each and include 10 bags, 10 candles and 10 candle holders. Residents supply the sand/dirt for the bottom of the bags. 

Many thanks go out to the wonderful volunteers who make this fundraising event a success every year. From the Block Captains who give their time at a very busy season, to the behind-the-scene people who keep the records, and to the volunteers who assemble the 1200+ kits - all are indispensable to this event.

If you have any questions please contact Brenda Frey, (904) 228-59