Cheryle Newman, Pam Brame, Susan Hanline
Nancy Nettuno, Marlene Jacobs and Susan Mitchell

Congratulations to our newly elected and installed
2019-2020 officers

President:   Pam Brame
THE PRESIDENT presides over all Club meetings, including the Board of Directors and Executive Board meetings. With the advice and consent of the Board of Directors, the President shall appoint all Standing Committee Chairmen as may be necessary to support the Club’s objectives.


Vice President:
  Norma Chao
THE VICE PRESIDENT serves with the President, assisting with general duties and standing in for the President in her absence. She will assume the Presidency when the President’s term is completed.


Recording Secretary:

  Marlene Jacobs
THE RECORDING SECRETARY keeps the minutes of all Club meetings, including the Board of Directors and Executive Board. An acting secretary may be appointed in her absence.


Corresponding Secretary:   Nancy Nettuno
THE CORRESPONDING SECRETARY reads correspondence as requested by the President at all meetings, composes and sends correspondence as directed by the President, retains a record of all incoming and outgoing correspondence and maintains the Post Office Box. She will also maintain the Bylaws and, with the Board of Directors approval, update all Guidelines.


Treasurer:   Susan Mitchell
THE TREASURER receives and disburses all Club funds as directed, maintains the Club’s financial records, prepares a monthly financial report for audit by the Finance Committee, reports the financial status at regular meetings, and prepares financial reports necessary to file Federal tax returns.


Past President:  

Cheryle Newman

Serves as advisor to the President and to the Board.



Activity Coordinator:

Marguerite Martin

Coordinates new members and their interests with groups available within the MPWC.
Charles E. Bennett
Elementary School

Kathie Cardon, Sandy Hricik

THE CEB COMMITTEE is responsible for liaison with the Charles E. Bennett Elementary School to provide year-round assistance to children in need.. The Charles E. Bennett Committee is also responsible for the annual CEB community fund raiser.


Communications:   Susan Mitchell
THE COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE is responsible for publishing the Club Newsletter and notifying members by email or telephone of monthly meetings, special meetings, and other events of interest.


Directory Ads:  

LeAnne Bargamin

THE DIRECTORY AD COMMITTEE is responsible for selling advertisements in the Club’s member directory.


Finance:   Susan Mitchell
THE FINANCE COMMITTEE will consist of the Treasurer as Chairman, President, Vice President and at least two members at large. They are responsible for (1) preparing the budget and (2) auditing the financial records on a monthly basis prior to the Board of Directors meeting.




Shirley Orvosh

THE FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE organizes fundraising events for the Club and provides publicity and relevant information about each event.


GCS Schools:


Sandy Hricik

THE GCS JR / BANNERMAN LEARNING CENTER COMMITTEE provides assistance to needy students at Green Cove Springs Junior High School and the Bannerman Learning Center.


  Nancy Nettuno with Betty Alix
THE GRANTS COMMITTEE is responsible for researching possible grants and applying for any grants for which the Club might qualify.


Helping Hands:   Kathie Cardon
THE HELPING HANDS COMMITTEE is responsible for assisting members and/or their families in the event of illness or death. Assistance may extend beyond the membership when deemed necessary. Leaders of this group will contact the family to determine how we can be of assistance.


Historian:   Dee Pratt
THE HISTORIAN is responsible for maintaining a scrapbook of the Club’s activities and records, including the Club’s programs and speakers.


Holiday Boutique:

Jola Greiner

THE HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE COMMITTEE is responsible for planning and implementing the Holiday Boutique. This includes coordination of multiple committee members and procuring outside and resident vendors for the boutique.


Hospitality:   Jane Corby
THE HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE is the liaison between the Club and new residents. The Committee makes welcome visits to those who move into our community, and extends an invitation to residents who have not yet joined the Club.


Kans 4 K9s:

  Carrie Cardascia
Collects and delivers alluminum cans to the appropriate groups who are collecting them


Labels for Education:


Lorna Broughton

THE LABELS FOR EDUCATION COMMITTEE is responsible for collecting box tops and labels, sorting and delivering them to Charles E. Bennett Elementary School.



Grace Barber

THE LUMINARY COMMITTEE is responsible for managing the sales of luminaries and planning the annual Luminary Night.
Maggie's Meals:
(Formerly Blessings in a Backpack)
  Kim Belcher / Patty Bransford
THE BIB COMMITTEE: Our club feeds approx.190 students who would otherwise have little or nothing to eat on the weekends. Our Maggie's Meals teams include 4 members and subs who pack the food every Friday during the school year. We have enough teams that each team has to pack only four times a year for about one hour at the Charles E. Bennett elementary school. For information, contact Kim Belcher or Patty Bransford.



Marguerite Martin

THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE is responsible for registering new members, collecting membership dues, maintaining the membership roster and ensuring that it is kept current. The Committee informs the Communications Committee Chairman of all roster changes. The Committee is responsible distributing Member Directories and maintaining name badges.


Outreach:   Patty Bransford


Sandy Waldrup
THE PROGRAM COMMITTEE is responsible for arranging programs for the Club’s monthly meetings.


Public Relations:  

Nancy Zavislak

THE PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE serves as the primary communications link between the MPWC and the community. Provides publicity for the Club's newsworthy activities and events.


Scholarships:   Nancy Mills
THE SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE is responsible for finding qualified applicants for Club scholarships, conducting interviews, and making awards. Additional scholarship information.


Social / Day Trips:

Kim Belcher

THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE is responsible for planning socials in addition to the May Installation and Holiday event. The committee will also plan day trips.


Sunshine:   Patricia Nisley
THE SUNSHINE COMMITTEE is responsible for sending cards and flowers to Club members who are ill or for any other reason deemed appropriate under the circumstances. The committee will generally deliver flowers if a member is hospitalized. In the event of the death of a member, flowers or a donation in the amount of $100 will be sent. In the event of the death of a relative living in the home of a member, flowers or a donation in the amount of $50 will be sent.


Website:   Joanie Braatz
THE WEBSITE COMMITTEE is responsible for maintaining and updating the Club’s website.