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December 8
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May 2, 2022

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Hand, Knee & Foot RJola Greiner / Kim Belcherules
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The Magnolia Point Women's Club (MPWC), dba MPWC Charities, with over 240 members, focuses on community service, common interests, friendship, socialization and support of the community and its members. Members enjoy each other's company, attend meetings where they keep informed and learn, and invest in their town and region.

The MPWC is driven and enriched by a philanthropic purpose. Our charitable efforts make a significant difference in our community — while providing our members with a powerful sense of satisfaction, belonging and fun. There are numerous opportunities to get involved, whether by leading committees, evaluating grant requests, planning fundraisers or volunteering time. The possibilities — and rewards — are many.

Since its formation in 2001, the club has given a total of $485,456, to those in need, primarily in Green Cove Springs and Clay County. This is largely due to the total support of the Magnolia Point residents and the tireless efforts of countless club member volunteers.

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Funds are raised through luminary sales during the holidays, annual Holiday Boutique, member directory ad sales, the Charles E. Bennett Elementary School (CEB) Charity Drive and other projects. One hundred percent of the CEB donations and one hundred percent of the proceeds from all other fund raising projects go directly back to the community.

Some of the Club’s donations include:

  • Nearly $124,000 in scholarships to Clay High School women students
  • $224,476 to support the students at CEB (includes Maggie's Meals
  • $8,200 to the Food Pantry, plus tons of food and volunteer Hours
  • $13,720 to the Outreach Program at Sacred Heart (non-denominational)

Great friendships have been built while accomplishing our goals. Although we work hard towards achieving these goals, we also find time to include educational and entertaining activities while making sure that there is an abundance of fun, friendship and laughter along the way. To learn more click here.

Norma Chao, Lorna Broughton, Debbie Shvetzov,
Suzanne Foster, Brenda Frey, Susan Mitchell